Nail My Speech Programme

The complete step by step guide to outstanding public speaking. Conquer your nerves, master your message & deliver with the confidence your audience will love.


"You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills like public speaking"- Warren Buffet

Becoming a brilliant public speaker is one of the most effective ways to transform your career or business. Research shows that the quality most likely to differentiate you from your peers is your ability to stand up and communicate thoughts and ideas with force and impact.

But public speaking is hard if you follow the wrong approach. Have you ever heard advice like...

  • learn your speech off by heart so that you can deliver it perfectly
  • communication is 7% words, 38% tone, 55% body language
  • imagine your audience naked and you won't feel nervous during your speech
  • if you speak too fast people won't understand what you say
  • the best public speakers are just naturally talented so you should copy the way they present
  • use PowerPoint slides as the guide for your presentation

In this 'Nail My Speech' Public Speaking Programme I will show you how to cut through the bad advice and misinformation holding back your presentation skills. You will discover the tried and tested techniques that build on your natural voice and style of speaking.

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But, even though we all know how important it is to master public speaking, that doesn't mean it's easy to achieve. Do any of these ten quotes feel like they could have been said by you?

Do any of the following statements from some of my clients feel familiar to you?

"I get so nervous my voice kind of goes up an octave and I start sounding like a screechy 7-year-old boy"

"The audience just sat there, no smiles, no responses. It felt like they were just judging me"

"Saying 'umm' without realising it, which makes me sound like an ass"

"Dude, my arms fall asleep. I see spots, and stutter and blank out. It's awkward"

"I can never find the time to practise and when I do, I'm never sure the best way to go about it"

"My body language is just all over the place and I never know what to do with my hands"

"It's the Q&A at the end that gets me. I feel like an impostor and everyone else knows more than me"

"I lose the points in my head. I don't know why. Maybe lack of confidence. Maybe I'm born that way"

"I'm good, but I'm just not great"

"While I'm speaking, my mouth just dries up and my tongue feels like it's glued to the top of my mouth"

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But, what if...

What if you could give mind-blowing presentations that captivate your audience and change the way people think about you?

What if you knew how to present with total confidence without worrying about forgetting what you want to say?

What if you felt totally prepared to handle difficult questions and problems without any of it throwing you off your stride?

How would that transform your career or business?

I’ve taken all the challenges that people have with public speaking and created a programme packed with simple but powerful step by step guides that you can use to overcome each challenge and become the kind of confident public speaker that audiences love to listen to.

What you will get in the programme:

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And each module comes with it's own set of notes and checklists, so you always have the important points to hand.

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Then there are the Bonuses

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Hi, I'm Kolarele, the founder of The Great Speech Consultancy, which delivers communication skills training and personal coaching to executives, employees and entrepreneurs to transform their careers and businesses through outstanding communication.

My book ‘How to Give a Great Speech’ is available on Amazon. It's a really comprehensive guide to public speaking and presentation skills.

Since 1998 I've been a practising barrister in London, which means I've dedicated my life to the skills of persuasion and presentation (British judges are not easy to convince!).
I have literally spent over 1,000 hours practising, researching, refining, and testing to discover what makes for compelling and persuasive public speaking. And I have put everything I now know into the 'Nail My Speech' Programme for you.

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From 2013 - 2017 I was the President of the 100 Black Men of London, an acclaimed accredited charity specialising in mentoring and leadership development.

Finally, and most importantly to me, as well as being married to an amazing woman who's kind of out of my league, I'm a father to two young children, which means I understand the importance of giving clear instructions if you expect to get good results.

(oh, and I'm also a barbecue Jedi Master, but that's for another time!)

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Still not sure if the programme will work for you? 

I get that!

I know that the Nail My Speech programme will work for you, but you don't.

So, let's put all the risk onto me with a 30 DAY 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

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If you buy the programme, and for any reason, it just doesn't work for you, just tell me within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Kola totally changed the way I delivered my presentation and drew out my own passion and story telling abilities to deliver a presentation that allowed me to connect with the audience in a way that I didn't think possible. I highly recommend Kolarele.” ― Sharon Thomas
“Kolarele delivered an excellent presentation to our Business School students on 'How to deliver excellent presentations!' The academic staff and students were all very impressed and inspired to work on their own presenting style. It has been very easy to work with Kolarele and I would recommend him and his work as a very worthwhile investment!
- Lisa-Rose, Career Coach & Business Engagement Officer” ― Lisa-Rose Moller
“In the simplest of terms Kolarele is awesome. He helped grow my story and confidence on stage immeasurably. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their presentation or speaker skills.
- Paul, Design Director” ― Paul Mellor
“I have worked with Kolarele and have learnt much about presenting; just by listening to him talk feels like you are attending a coaching session. He has an engaging manner with a delivery style that is thoughtful and deliberate. I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him as a presentation coach.
- Michael, London Regional Chair, Federation of Small Businesses” ― Michael Lassman